Innovation is actually the element that drives all product designers to infuse creativity in some new and unique product development process. This is significant because there are millions of different unique products available in the market. If you are not able to design the product that simply innovates, then you should surely expect them to fully rot in the shelf without anyone daring to pay a penny for them. As an efficient product designer and manufacturer, you are looking to grow your profits and aiming to earn much fame in the market. So it is extremely vital to implement such creative techniques that provide a good name and fame in the process of conceptualizing unique product ideas. If you agree with me, then follow the below mentioned recommendations from experts that will take you towards something productive in the product design field.

1. Brainstorming ideas:

Brainstorming is the efficient, simplest and most common form of idea generation. This is basically performed by sharing of simple common ideas and what other specific ideas that can be generated with the help of it. However, it’s also true that brainstorming is limited only within some limited group, for example 3 to 5 people. Ideally, it must be a comfortable and relaxed environment where everyone can be easily able to share whatever ideas come to their mind and anyone is completely free to provide their precious feedback. There should be someone like a leader who is designated to take note of all serious ideas and points that are raised during the brainstorming session for final evaluation later.

2. Join group of professional people:

Another good idea is to join such community that provides efficient helps regarding idea generation. There are several reliable companies like if you take product design services they will offer you many suitable guidelines related to your product, and will also help you to generate new ideas. But the need is, you have efficient potential and careful analysis so that you can choose them intelligently and no one can harm you or provide wrong advices.


One most notable technique in today’s era is that product designers can apply some latest techniques for idea generation. They can utilize the technique in order to come up with great ideas for a new product which is called SCAMPER. It is basically an acronym that stands for Substitute- Combine- Adapt- Modify- Put to other use- Eliminate- Reorder. This technique usually follows a simple step by step process, wherein the main and initial idea is to completely evaluate and to ensure the validity & value before moving onto some next phase in product development.

4. Conduct a research:

A best proven method for conceptualizing new product ideas is to conduct a proper research. Look at some existing designs and then evaluate what makes them more valuable as a product. In addition, also examine them very closely to assess their importance flaws or faults and how you can offer more improvement to them. This is also a one way for your product to properly excel, even if you already have seen some similar products in the market. But instead of trying this simple outdo to your competitors, try using this opportunity as a kind of learning acceleration. In that way, you can easily set a refined standard in some very specific niche in the new product development process.

5. Fan techniques:

The Fan technique, concept is one great method that you can apply for designing products, that is fully sure to bring in great applicable concepts. It simply works out by taking a few ideas and then properly evaluating them in better scope by looking at into their finest details. A designer should also formulate a proper hierarchical tree, wherein the general concept branches out to smaller concepts and making it easier for you to examine the concepts further. You can also take big advantage of this technique to come up with smaller, but newer ideas to build up on easily. Indeed, there are numerous methods that you can use while designing products for the market. But the critical step is to fully organize and filter the ideas to determine, what is practical to implement in the business. Idea generation is just the small start, and you need enough time to evaluate each of them according to the needs of your potential user.