It’s the mid of the year and it’s time to not only think about your family, food and gifts, but to also consider what the next few coming years will have in store for us. But the point is, we don’t only need to think about family and improved lifestyle. But to also think about what does 2016 and coming years have in store for the manufacturing industry? Some of my 2016 “predictions” are actually based on new market trends, some based on multiple rumors and some are based on good and old-fashioned hopes. After all, we still like to think that world peace is achievable! So for now, these are the famous trends I believe will surely continue to evolve and dominate in the next 14 to 19 months.

1. 3D printing:

We hardly read any kind of blog or even watch some television show now where 3D printing isn’t seen and discussed. Sadly, 3D printing was even used sometimes as a dangerous murder weapon on Elementary! But in the manufacturing industry, this extremely remarkable technology can cut the prototyping down to even a mere fraction of before, saving costs & time. It tends to produce quite viable and usable products! I was quite fascinated to read about the very first and fully functional 3D printed car. It’s not since the magic of some fax machine and before that the microwave; I have been so amazed by quick technological advancements. It’s quite clear that I am not the only one amazed at this. There are so many technological advancements can be seen in the 3D printing arena. But the fact is, most of us do not consider it as important as it should be.

2. In-person events:

At the onset of popular social media platforms and some travel restraints and more, many in-person events could have been actually considered as an interactive mode that was quickly becoming an archaic. Even in our own personal life, we prefer to communicate with people face-to-face less and less. In fact, people stick by some paper they read in school and college life about how the advent of the automatic door led to individuals becoming less personable. But I deviated. Yes, advance technologies and famous social media have greatly helped us stay connected with such ease, but when the purse strings have been started to loosen and our economy starts bouncing back, in-person events are growing more and made a good place in society. I remember when I attended a new product launch of some soft goods; there were lots of people appreciating the features and specs. But we can’t appreciate it properly and can miss certain elements using some social media. So once again, it was proved that conferences to forums and two large trade shows, people are realizing that networking with someone standing physically in front of you is more beneficial than any simple phone call, email message or video chat.

3. Social media & manufacturing:

Okay, I agree that I have just knocked social media usage in my previous paragraph. But in reality, it isn’t as useless as it seems in this field. The manufacturing industry should embrace the best opportunities that social media are offering. But for this, you need to choose best product development & manufacturing processes of reputable firms because the staff is not only well equipped with all kinds of manufacturing techniques, but also connected with social media to connect to the world. It is a great fantastic way to get the message out immediately and communicate companies with whom you have so much in common.

4. Focus on ‘Reduce, reuse & recycle:

We have learned the mantra so many times that try to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” years ago. It has become ingrained in people as a nation that several kids today would never ever dare throw an aluminum jar or can in a trash bin. Really Kudos to us! But I think we can and we should do ever much better. That’s why in 2016 and coming years, we need to concentrate over the mantra more passionately and intelligently. As we will move onto other trends, I am pretty sure that there are various trends that will take hold and will also shape our future. What are some more good trends you see for our manufacturing industry and what do you think we will be talking about this time next year? Give us your opinions at stellar designs.